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cheese in the same category as candy…

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Today’s prompt is about a memory tied to candy.  Not being a candy person this is a tough one.  Other than my love affair with doughnuts (posted this morning for yesterday’s prompt), I just don’t have a strong memory of anything related to candy, be it an event, a person, nothing!

But like most of us, I do have strong memories around food.  Wisconsin is all about faith, family, and football, with an implied “f” for food that is the highlight of all 3.  Fish fry’s, picnics (you have to take advantage of the summer months), and super-bowl party style eating festivals each Sunday, or Monday, or Thursday when the Packers are playing.  And as you can imagine, cheese on, around, or near everything!

I know cheese is not candy, but it really should be in that same, addictive, pleasure now, pain later category.  When we went to Paris last year, I had to take a picture of the best cheese shop I had ever laid my eyes upon, which is displayed here.  I could do some serious damage in that shop (to myself, I mean).  We would walk by this store every day to and from our small hotel and I really wanted to go in there for a few hours!  They take their cheese pretty seriously.  And so do I!  I am from Wisconsin!


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