constructive rest

a creative journey

we must remember…

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We were young, unformed, open to new ideas, blindly confident, hopeful, seeing the light in everyone, excited for each day and struggling to stay awake at night and fight sleep.  We knew we would live exciting lives, we would make a difference in the world, we would work together towards something better.  We didn’t yet compare ourselves to others, or hold on to criticism, remembering the negative comments and immediately forgetting the positive, affirming ones.

At some point we started listening to those people who don’t have our best interests in mind, who don’t want us to succeed, who are jealous or angry or both.  We started thinking their opinions were our own, how much we have to offer, how much we want to give it to the world, and we gave in to fear.  We were told we are not creative, we don’t have special talents and there is too much competition out there to make it.  We were told to be safe, to be fearful and to protect ourselves by hiding our unique nature, because it wasn’t quite right, or good, or normal.  We forgot who we are.

It is time to remember…


Author: Joey

HR Professional aspiring to make a dent.

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