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I just started Susannah Conway’s online Blogging from the Heart class to not only learn more about how to make my primary blog better, but in order to connect with other bloggers out there and get some encouragement and creative inspiration.  I love the class so far, and day 3 offered some good brainstorming ideas about how to better use categories, and to clean up some of the clutter.

One of my goals in taking this class it to get some tips to keep my ideas flowing so that I have more regular posts.  I tend to get a bunch of ideas all at once, post about a few and set them up for future dates, and then my ideas dry out a bit.

Over these first several days I have realized that what really attracts me to my favorite blogs is due to their design and visual quality.  Beautiful and interesting photos are what attract me and keep me coming back.  So, I hope to use this blog as a place to further explore my interest in photography as well.

I feel a little “all over the board” on this, but it will be interesting to see what I learn and how I improve over these next several weeks.  A fellow student recently mentioned just starting, and I totally agree.  If you wait too long, think too much about what to do, the right way to do it, the right way to write it, draw it, or photograph it, you may be missing out on something you could have learned along the way or stumbled upon in your “doing”.  Good advice and I will take it.

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