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This first week of Blogging from the Heart has me really thinking about how I approach writing my posts (on my blog  At first I was certain no one would read it anyway, and ideas and words flowed.  I was writing two and three posts a day and setting them up for the future to keep things active.  Then, after struggling for a week or two I realized that as more people followed my posts, I was getting more and more critical of my ideas and my writing.  I started a few posts and they would just sit there because I just couldn’t get them….. right!  I was becoming a self-critical perfectionist and not expressing my true voice.

This first week I really loved the idea of writing your post as if writing to a friend.  My sister tends to read my posts and has given me a lot of encouragement.  As I wrote a post today I tried to remember that, keeping her in mind, and rather than criticism, I thought of being clear in my point, hopefully an interesting one, but also being me.  I feel like this perspective is helping me grow.  And then as I read day 4’s email, I really focused in on the words “a creative personal blogger“.      I realized that I like my unique voice.  I was reminded that I am not trying to be a professional writer here.  I started this as a way to express myself, for the simple love of writing.  If it captures hearts and minds I will be delighted.  I am a creative personal blogger.



Author: Joey

HR Professional aspiring to make a dent.

5 thoughts on “a creative personal blogger…

  1. Yes, YOU ARE A CREATIVE PERSONAL BLOGGER. I think that tidbit from Susannah was a gem- write as if it’s a letter to a friend. Welcome to the journey!

  2. Love this post! Amazing how a small change in perspective makes all the difference. Look forward to checking out your other blog and your writing. 🙂

  3. Letting go of that self-critic is a huge step forward!

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  5. I agree! Love the thought of writing a post to a friend. You captured it beautifully!

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