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Focusing on the good, kind, generous acts of others can only be done if we remind ourselves to be conscious about our intention to focus.  Because when we see the opposite, it consumes us.  It makes us crazy.  We worry about why, and we analyze, and question, and discuss, and we don’t let it go.

If we were able to maintain focus, how much better would our daily lives be?  How much faster would we bounce back from the inevitable mistakes we are likely to make?  How could we give back to others more fully and more regularly?  How much more would we notice, like the smiles rather than the frowns, the laughs rather than the insults, the giggles, the happiness, the pure joy?  Would we be more present, remembering more about our daily lives, being able to capture those moments that we don’t want to end?  Join in this Five Minute Friday exercise with Lisa-Jo Baker and lots of others… it’s a lot of fun! Today’s topic-word is “Focus”. No great thinking, no editing,… just get your thoughts down, typing for five minutes only. Link in and share and comment on the girl in front of you…love it!


Author: Joey

HR Professional aspiring to make a dent.

One thought on “focus on what fulfills me…

  1. I love how you talk about focusing on the smiles, etc. I do try and do this daily. I’m definitely more optimistic and look for the good. I’ve lately decided that I don’t want to know other peoples bad experiences with someone. I want to make my own judgement about them. I think that keeps me more optimistic.
    I’m here from Five-Minute Friday. Thanks for sharing!

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