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Working in environments where it is important to collaborate, cooperate, and reach consensus sometimes causes us to hold back, dilute some of our more creative ideas, and give-in just so progress can be made.  I loved Danielle LaPorte’s post today, that reminds us we will always be too-much of something for the people we come across – too pushy, too loud, too quiet, too reserved…….  Basically, you can’t please everyone all the time.  But what was so impactful to me was her statement, “If you round your edges, you lose your edge.”  Thinking about perfectionism lately, it served to remind me how important it is to stay true to my authentic self.  That if I give in and try to conform too much to someone else’s standards or expectations, I will end up watering down what makes me passionate, creative, and who I am; the authentic me.

I’m not one of those people who strives to be edgy.  But, after reading Danielle’s post today, I have to admit that being edgy never looked so good.

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Author: Joey

HR Professional aspiring to make a dent.

3 thoughts on “being edgy…

  1. That’s an interesting perspective and very true in many ways. I’ve read and re-read this line quite a few times, trying to digest and absorb and internalize: “If you round your edges, you lose your edge”.

  2. I love what Danielle is saying. I hadn’t really thought of it like that but I completely understand what she means – and I must say I do have a tendency to ’round (my) edges’! Food for thought, thank you for a thought provoking and inspiring post.

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