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in pursuit of money…

English: This is a picture of Tony Hsieh, CEO ...

English: This is a picture of Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just started reading Delivering Happiness, by the CEO of, Tony Hsieh.  Right from the start I love this book!  He begins by going back to his early childhood, and goes through the trials and errors he experienced in his pursuit of money.  This took me back to my childhood and my childhood experiences with the newspaper route gone bad, the lemonade stand in 100 degree heat, and the dreaded door to door selling experience.

One of his first examples is a newsletter that he created and attempted to sell, ad space included.  It reminded me of how much confidence we had in our ideas, how readily we put all our effort into those ideas, and how quick we were to try something new, back when everything was new.

He then shares is his experience selling Christmas cards door to door in August, and is made to feel a bit silly about it by his first customer, since Christmas is months away.  He promptly walked back home after this one conversation, and moved on to his next pursuit of money.  While we may not remember each of these examples in our own lives, I think they taught us not only to give up at the first sign that someone doesn’t agree or laughs at our ideas, but it also taught us the safety of staying within our comfort zone.  Are we giving up too soon, not giving our ideas a chance to succeed, and are we listening too much to the many critics out there?  Are we scared to try something new because we don’t want to be laughed at, or do we simply think it is a waste of time?  As adults, how often do we really try something totally new and outside of our area of expertise or comfort?  I know for myself, the answer to this question is – not nearly enough!

I am really looking forward to learning more about Zappo’s and Tony Hsieh as I progress through this book.  I like that he writes it in his own voice, shares a lot about himself and his family, and I already get a clear sense of his personality, and his passion for greatness.  It is already speaking to me about how staying true to your ideas and sticking with it was hard, and still is hard.  I also like how his pursuit for money is also his pursuit for happiness, and have to agree that ultimately, happiness is really what we are all pursuing.



being edgy…

Working in environments where it is important to collaborate, cooperate, and reach consensus sometimes causes us to hold back, dilute some of our more creative ideas, and give-in just so progress can be made.  I loved Danielle LaPorte’s post today, that reminds us we will always be too-much of something for the people we come across – too pushy, too loud, too quiet, too reserved…….  Basically, you can’t please everyone all the time.  But what was so impactful to me was her statement, “If you round your edges, you lose your edge.”  Thinking about perfectionism lately, it served to remind me how important it is to stay true to my authentic self.  That if I give in and try to conform too much to someone else’s standards or expectations, I will end up watering down what makes me passionate, creative, and who I am; the authentic me.

I’m not one of those people who strives to be edgy.  But, after reading Danielle’s post today, I have to admit that being edgy never looked so good.

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my inner perfectionist…

Regardless of profession or personality, I believe that everyone aspires to do their very best; but what happens when we hit a wall regarding our ideas, motivation, or creativity?  I am a firm believer that my inner critic, aka, my inner perfectionist, regularly quashes my creativity.  It sends me on a wild goose chase and distracts me from my best ideas.  Being able to silence my inner perfectionist helps me tap into a creative mind-space that enhances my motivation, my passion, and my life.

Breaking out takes consciousness – hardly ever do I notice I am here until after the fact.  It also requires help from people who understand and agree that being a creative perfectionist is like driving a car using square wheels – it just won’t work.

Drawing your self-portrait or writing with the opposite hand will only take you so far.  These are prescribed methods to get you somewhere that you can’t define or acknowledge until you feel it, see it, and live it.  For me, trying new things breaks me out of my inner perfectionist, simply because I don’t know enough yet to over-think everything!  It is hard to be a perfectionist when you are learning along the way.  So when I started taking the online class Blogging from the Heart with Susannah Conway, I immediately started reading one of her suggested books, Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.  My experience reading this book is like sitting with a mentor and teacher, being guided by someone who can help me laugh at myself, while giving me the freedom to find my own way.  I like that it doesn’t give us a prescription for “success”, whatever that even means.  It guides us, makes us think, and laugh, and reminds us that there are others out there fighting their inner perfectionist imperfectly each day.

Over the last 3 weeks I have continued to go back to this book again and again for wisdom, insight, and a reminder to enjoy the journey along the way.

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go where the peace is…

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Really connecting with people, lots of people, in a way that inspires both minds and hearts in an authentic way…. Those are the people and the organizations that I want to support, surround myself with, and share with EVERYONE.  Reading another fantastic blog post on Brave Girls Club about how to “Go where the PEACE is” made me so thankful for what they do, who they are, and for staying authentic in a way that continues to inspire.

Without much context, going where the peace is may seem lofty or unrealistic, especially when frustration hits us.  What is unique about this post is that it reminds us that we have total control over when and how often we go where the peace is.   It is not up to my colleagues, my spouse, or my next door neighbor.  It is not up to how much money is in the bank, how many bills are due, or how many items are on my ever-expanding to-do list.  One of the activities in the online Art School class I am taking with the Brave Girls Club is all about finding our personal mantra.  Something that really speaks to us, inspires us, and shifts us back into a perspective that will help us through the difficult times.  I have thought about it for days, writing a few down, nothing really feeling right, until now.  My mantra:

Choose to go where the peace is

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this is my experience right now…

Even when it is not what I want.  Even when I am frustrated or tired or bored.  This is my experience right now.

Trying to make things change too quickly.  Distracting myself.  Being certain I know what is right.  Trying to cultivate calm and quiet and relaxation, but doing too many things to experience it.

If I can let go, and trust, and just experience what it is I am feeling.  If I can slow down and remember everything I have to be grateful for today, and yesterday, and tomorrow.

This is my experience right now.  It is exactly where I am supposed to be.

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dog park as therapy…

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We made it to the dog park and it paid off, as always.  This is my form of therapy. You just can’t watch all those smiling dogs running, wrestling, and laughing (yes, I did mean laughing) without smiling yourself. I always walk away feeling better about whatever it was that bugged me on the way in. These three dogs were rescued from the shelter, but they rescue me all the time!

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a creative personal blogger…

This first week of Blogging from the Heart has me really thinking about how I approach writing my posts (on my blog  At first I was certain no one would read it anyway, and ideas and words flowed.  I was writing two and three posts a day and setting them up for the future to keep things active.  Then, after struggling for a week or two I realized that as more people followed my posts, I was getting more and more critical of my ideas and my writing.  I started a few posts and they would just sit there because I just couldn’t get them….. right!  I was becoming a self-critical perfectionist and not expressing my true voice.

This first week I really loved the idea of writing your post as if writing to a friend.  My sister tends to read my posts and has given me a lot of encouragement.  As I wrote a post today I tried to remember that, keeping her in mind, and rather than criticism, I thought of being clear in my point, hopefully an interesting one, but also being me.  I feel like this perspective is helping me grow.  And then as I read day 4’s email, I really focused in on the words “a creative personal blogger“.      I realized that I like my unique voice.  I was reminded that I am not trying to be a professional writer here.  I started this as a way to express myself, for the simple love of writing.  If it captures hearts and minds I will be delighted.  I am a creative personal blogger.