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we must remember…

We were young, unformed, open to new ideas, blindly confident, hopeful, seeing the light in everyone, excited for each day and struggling to stay awake at night and fight sleep.  We knew we would live exciting lives, we would make a difference in the world, we would work together towards something better.  We didn’t yet compare ourselves to others, or hold on to criticism, remembering the negative comments and immediately forgetting the positive, affirming ones.

At some point we started listening to those people who don’t have our best interests in mind, who don’t want us to succeed, who are jealous or angry or both.  We started thinking their opinions were our own, how much we have to offer, how much we want to give it to the world, and we gave in to fear.  We were told we are not creative, we don’t have special talents and there is too much competition out there to make it.  We were told to be safe, to be fearful and to protect ourselves by hiding our unique nature, because it wasn’t quite right, or good, or normal.  We forgot who we are.

It is time to remember…


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3 Wisconsin tenets…

August 9, 2012 Packers @ Chargers

When you grow up in Wisconsin, any adult in your life will reinforce the 3 most important things in life – faith, family, and football.  These three tenets provided me with a foundation upon which life was based.  The Green Bay Packers create many opportunities to pray, take the Lord’s name in vain, rejoice, come together as a family, fight over who will win or lose, and eat, eat, eat!  I moved from Wisconsin to Florida when I was 12, and then never stopped moving (much) until recently, living in California for the last 9 years.  But seeing the Packers play last week in San Diego, and seeing more green and yellow in the stadium than the home team colors, I felt like I was back at home.

If the Packers are not playing I have become a Chargers fan.  But, I will always stay true to the Packers!

August 9, 2012 Packers @ Chargers

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cheese in the same category as candy…

Today’s prompt is about a memory tied to candy.  Not being a candy person this is a tough one.  Other than my love affair with doughnuts (posted this morning for yesterday’s prompt), I just don’t have a strong memory of anything related to candy, be it an event, a person, nothing!

But like most of us, I do have strong memories around food.  Wisconsin is all about faith, family, and football, with an implied “f” for food that is the highlight of all 3.  Fish fry’s, picnics (you have to take advantage of the summer months), and super-bowl party style eating festivals each Sunday, or Monday, or Thursday when the Packers are playing.  And as you can imagine, cheese on, around, or near everything!

I know cheese is not candy, but it really should be in that same, addictive, pleasure now, pain later category.  When we went to Paris last year, I had to take a picture of the best cheese shop I had ever laid my eyes upon, which is displayed here.  I could do some serious damage in that shop (to myself, I mean).  We would walk by this store every day to and from our small hotel and I really wanted to go in there for a few hours!  They take their cheese pretty seriously.  And so do I!  I am from Wisconsin!

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once and only once…NOT…

I am not someone who loves candy.  I prefer cake with butter cream frosting, preferably with coconut involved somehow, but I am not picky.  Growing up my favorite, which I had more than once and sometimes more than once a day (scary, I know) are cream filled donuts.  Not the ones with the Boston cream filling, but I am talking about the grainy, sugary white filling inside a doughnut with chocolate frosting on top.  When I was 8 or 9 I could already eat 2 of these in one sitting, usually after church on Sundays, but any day would be OK with me.  As I got older I would binge on these things when I would be able to find them at a doughnut store or at the grocery store.  There was a grocery store near me when I was in college where I would sometimes buy 2 of these before or after class, in the morning or afternoon, and occasionally at night to get me through cramming for an exam.  I don’t believe there is any nutritional value at all in these doughnuts, or in any doughnut for that matter.  But these donuts were absolutely, truly amazing, and somehow made me feel better, until that sugar-high would be over and then I would feel a little sick.  But that sick feeling did not deter me from craving these doughnuts like a drug.

Then, getting older, realizing I can no longer eat what I want, I have given them up.  I haven’t had one of these for years, and if I do see them, I look longingly at them through the glass case, recalling my love for them, but I don’t give in.  At this point one of these may actually kill me.  I don’t eat refined sugar and stay true to a healthy diet.  If I over-consume on food or have one drink more than my two-drink maximum I am recovering for days.  I have noticed lots of vegan doughnuts and low carb doughnuts, and even “healthy” doughnuts that are on the market.  Really?  I still stay away…

Amazing how much we change as we grow older.  And it is funny how a doughnut can be a tool for self-reflection and nostalgia.

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inappropriate candy phase…

A box of candy cigarettes displaying a red cir...

A box of candy cigarettes displaying a red circle, imitating the traditional Lucky Strike box art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who actually thought it would be a good idea to create a candy cigarette?  It may have been someone in Wisconsin.

I grew up in the 70’s in Wisconsin, and lots of moms and dads and anyone over the age of 16 smoked or was waiting to start the habit.  From what I understand, these were developed in partnership with cigarette companies to help facilitate smoking habits in young people.  I would love to see some of that marketing material!

My girlfriends and I would ride our bikes to a small shop a few blocks away with a great candy selection and these were one of our favorites.   I wonder now if this is just one of those phases we all go through growing up.  Like eating our hair or biting our nails, this inappropriate candy phase was probably just a rite of passage as we first learned to copy our parents, and then tried to avoid, at all lengths being anything like them!

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starting today with something sweet…

something sweet

I found NaBloPoMo today and I am so glad I did.  I have looked for months for a way to spark some ideas and to write on a daily basis.  However, I have found that limiting my writing to only those items that are “professional” and business-related has limited my creativity overall.  I know that as I become more comfortable with blogging and a better writer I will break through these self-imposed limitations, but until then, I am excited to have found this great resource.  Knowing I am part of a group of women who are writing on a daily basis, reading and supporting each others ideas and writing, feels very sweet.

So what I find especially sweet today is the sense of community and creativity that I have found, and I am inspired and thankful for the women that created this initiative, and to those that have posted regularly since its inception.  In exploring some of the blogs of participants I can see how much they have grown by posting daily, using the writing prompts to keep them engaged and creative.  It is rare to find such a strong community and feel so supported without even starting yet.  Here I am, starting.