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go where the peace is…

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Really connecting with people, lots of people, in a way that inspires both minds and hearts in an authentic way…. Those are the people and the organizations that I want to support, surround myself with, and share with EVERYONE.  Reading another fantastic blog post on Brave Girls Club about how to “Go where the PEACE is” made me so thankful for what they do, who they are, and for staying authentic in a way that continues to inspire.

Without much context, going where the peace is may seem lofty or unrealistic, especially when frustration hits us.  What is unique about this post is that it reminds us that we have total control over when and how often we go where the peace is.   It is not up to my colleagues, my spouse, or my next door neighbor.  It is not up to how much money is in the bank, how many bills are due, or how many items are on my ever-expanding to-do list.  One of the activities in the online Art School class I am taking with the Brave Girls Club is all about finding our personal mantra.  Something that really speaks to us, inspires us, and shifts us back into a perspective that will help us through the difficult times.  I have thought about it for days, writing a few down, nothing really feeling right, until now.  My mantra:

Choose to go where the peace is